magnifique arbre au milieu de la foret

Who am I ?

Originally from the Basque Country, I spent all my youth between the ocean and the mountains.

Of modest origin I was not able to do the studies I wanted, it was "my duty" to find short studies leading to a concrete profession. Being a fine gourmet I turned to the kitchens.

Thanks to this profession I worked in many places (Bayonne, London, Madrid, Strasbourg and finally Brussels).


I was in the Army for two years, based in Toulouse and then in Djibouti (between Ethiopia and Somalia). Unfortunately a serious motorcycle accident prevented me from pursuing a military career. For more than a year, I had to relearn how to walk, it was long and painful.

Back to civilian life, I went back to the only thing I knew how to do: catering. I climbed the ladder one by one until I became a chef in a gastronomic restaurant. I earned a very good living.

But it wasn't life, I knew for a long time that it wasn't my place. I wanted to take care of others (other than feeding them), to "heal" them, to help them improve, to free them from their burden...

At the age of 30 I started to study Reiki, I liked it, but it wasn't enough.
I had finally reached the first step of what I aspired to. Then I studied massages, I progressed but there was always something missing.
Shortly afterwards I took a 3 year shiatsu course.

The puzzle was finally taking shape.

During this time I returned to martial arts, mainly shotokan karate. This brings a lot to my practice today (control, anchoring, positions).

I am also back in sports, I run every year the "20 km of Brussels", "half-marathon", other 10 km courses. I have also participated in 2 marathons (42 km - Brussels and Paris). This gives me a good understanding of the muscular pain of athletes. Today it has been more than 15 years since I started, my massage has really taken a form that we all love.

I have specialized in deep relaxation.