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Anti Stress Massage

my Bouddha


Your hormonal system will immediately react in a positive way. Reducing stress hormones and increasing happy and cheerful ones. Your negative emotions will give way to an unparalleled sense of well-being.

This Massage is for you

If you feel stress, anxiety, tension, fatigue, back pain, if you are exhausted... This massage is for you!

For the hypersensitive, HP, for those suffering from attention disorders, hyperactive... this long anti-stress massage will give them the opportunity to experience a deep relaxation. But also to all those who seek to relax or simply take care of themselves.

You will feel a huge difference between your arrival and your departure. Work life combined with family life can become a source of stress, so it becomes necessary to receive a massage. Ideal for the mother-to-be, to alleviate her back pain, ease her muscular tension, in a word: to relieve.

For 1 hour and a half my soft and warm hands will allow you to forget everything (even this pain). You will be in your own bubble, protected from everything, you will not want to leave because you will feel so good. Because once inside, nothing can happen to you anymore, you will even succeed in forgetting your professional or family problems.

The massage will provide you with a relaxation, a relaxation, an incomparable total letting go, an incomparable serenity. Without forgetting the release of your tensions at the level of the back and the neck.

It is a massage with vegetable oils + essential oils that promotes relaxation and relieves muscle and joint tension.

Scientific explanations


Our skin has no less than 720,000 nerve endings, so we now understand that touch is of the utmost importance for our well-being.

During massage, levels of adrenaline (warrior hormone), cortisol (stress hormone) and vasopressin (aggressive hormone) drop considerably. We need these hormones in our daily lives, but very often we produce more than we need, which is one of the consequences of stress.

On the other hand, during the massage, the production of dopamine (happiness hormone), serotonin (well-being hormone, anti-depression), melatonin (sleep hormone) and oxytocin (trust, empathy and sociability hormones) is stimulated by your body. These are neurotransmitters that the body will release, which will facilitate relaxation and alleviate stress.

At the same time, the lymphatic system will eliminate certain toxins. One of the domino effects is that the muscles and joints of the whole body will relax.