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Chair Massage

Chair massage

Chair massage incorporates many of the techniques of shiatsu. It is the ideal break within a company. A way for employees to receive a 15-minute massage at their workplace to reduce stress and improve performance. This massage does not require oil and is practiced on clothing.

This massage is a practice that has long provided a wide range of health benefits and pain relief.


All you need to do is sit in a chair designed specifically for this type of massage and enjoy it to the fullest. The massage on the chair is done through the clothes so no oil, no smell, no trace.

  • Where ?
  • * Within the company.
  • * On the place of the evening (a wedding, a professional event,
    a brainstorming, a party...).
  • * In a stand at an exhibition.
  • * At home

A session lasts 15, 20 or 30 minutes, so the price varies from 15 € to 30 €. ....

* We go to the desired location..

* We set up the professional chair specially designed for the situation and anything else that may be necessary in connection with your request.

* We perform 3/4 massages of 15 minutes per hour, with a short break of ¼ hour every 2 hours. The massage therapist can perform up to 24 massages per day.

* The "client" may wish to have a more in-depth focus on an area or preference, communicate this to us.

Prices and offers

• 60 € excl. VAT per hour for a simple event of minimum 2 hours.

• Travelling expenses of 1 € excl. VAT per kilometer from Hal (offered within a radius of 10 km).

massage sur chaise


• event or regular contract.

• Frequency : 1 x, 1x per week, 1x per month, …

• Number of people to be massaged.

• Preferred schedule : morning, noon or afternoon.