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Reiki Usui

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Usui Reiki consists of transmitting energy by laying on of hands, channeling the energy and initiating the process of self-healing. Each of us has Ki, the vital energy, which is acquired since birth. The learning of the Reiki method differs from other healing methods by an initiation.

Reiki is a therapeutic energy that will increase your intuition, stimulate your vitality, bring inner peace and allow personal development.

Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui was born on the island of Gifu on August 15, 1865. When he was young, he was sent to a monastery to receive a proper education, and was also taught an ancient discipline: QI-Gong. During his studies, he took advantage of every vacation to meditate on Mount Kurama, which he particularly liked.

Married and father of 2 children, he decided to go to the capital of the moment Kyoto, where he could continue his spiritual research. Mikao Usui will do all kinds of work ranging from businessmen, journalists, counselors, Buddhist doctors... His only concern is spirituality. Some of this work will allow him to earn a living, but unfortunately he will devote everything to his research. He is in easy contact with all the men of religion or spiritual vocation, he binds himself with many of them.

Mikao Usui contracted the cholera disease during the epidemic in Kyoto in 1890, he saw death, but he survived, he wanted to share this experience with his entourage. He lived it as if he had been touched by Providence.

Throughout his life, Mikao Usui would continue to devote much time and money to enriching his personal and spiritual knowledge. In 1921, he decided to begin a 21-day spiritual asceticism at Mount Karuma. In April 1922, he decided to establish an organization based on a natural healing method: reiki.


The symbols used in Reiki are not magical, they are used as an egregore. There are many of them, but here I will only talk about the 6 main ones:

Symboles reiki

* « Hon sha zeh sho nen » which is used by the work through space and time.

* « Choku rei » is used to strengthen the flow of life energy.

* « Sei he ki » is like a key to unlock blockages.

* « Shi ka sei ki » is used to help with love.

* « Dai koo myo », is the master symbol, which literally means the "1st".

* « Antahkarana » is said to have Tibetan origins and is an aid to concentration.



* At the first level (or 1st degree) we will talk about Mikao Usui, Mrs. Takana, the initiation, the chakras, the positions to adapt, the fast treatment, the self-treatment, a session for animals and plants, the anchoring...

* At the second level (or second degree) we will approach the first symbols, the work with the crystal, the work at a distance, techniques of protection, how to scan an aura, the karmic treatment, of the mind and the heart...

* In the third level (or third degree) we will talk about the "Master Symbol", the crystal grid, the Antahkarana, the cosmic cross, the cosmic breath, meditation ...