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In Shiatsu, with the help of the thumbs, we apply pressure more or less deep along the meridians derived from Chinese medicine. It is a technique of therapeutic "touch" of Japanese origin, without needles.

It helps to restore the balance, the flow of energy, and thus allows the body to return to a normal state.
The pressure of the hands brings back life (T.Namikoshi)

The benefits of Shiatsu

  • * Shiatsu relieves muscular and articular pains in the whole body.

  • * It helps to fight depression, especially against "burnout".

  • * It soothes emotions (especially when they overflow).

  • * It harmonizes body and mind (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

  • * Shiatsu reduces nervousness and anxiety, both of which are poor advisors.

  • * Shiatsu helps to reduce insomnia and thus promotes better sleep.

  • * It calms fears and anxieties.

  • * It will reduce the stress we face every day.


Shiatsu is a massage therapy originating from Japan, its touch brings balance to the body, activating the natural forces of self-healing.

Inspired by Chinese medicine, it aims to re-harmonize the KI, seeking the cause in order to remedy the consequences (pain, illnesses, imbalances...).

The theory of Shiatsu is based on the 2 poles of energy, Yin and Yang, the concept of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water), but also the 12 traditional meridians to which we can add the 8 wonderful vessels.

Sensei Namikoshi was at the origin of shiatsu as we know it today.


Nose Bleed

A nosebleed is often embarrassing. It is taken care of by having us sit quietly with our heads back with absorbent cotton.

The technique I am about to reveal to you is particularly effective after a blow received, it will help to coagulate the internal wall of the nose without artifice. This method is widely used by martial arts artists.



Generally speaking, rest and calmness will help calm migraines. But here are some points borrowed from shiatsu and Chinese acupuncture that will help you relieve your headaches.

But first of all you need to know the origin of your migraine. If you are dehydrated or lack sleep, take a glass of water or sleep. try my tips and you will see.

Massage des lombaires

Hot flashes

This is a hormonal ordeal that women must unfortunately undergo. In Asia, it is called the second spring. Shiatsu helps to soothe the fire of menopause.

Here are some points taken from Chinese medicine and acupuncture. They will help you relieve the fire of pre-menopause. Shiatsu aims to balance the flow in the endocrine system.

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