Medical Magnetism

Brussels Halle Buizingen

Magnetism is known by many names, but here I would call it animal magnetism or mesmerism, name given by the father of magnetism, Frantz-Anton Mesmer. This practice dates back since the dawn of time, it was often used in Antiquity; it was called "the healing hand".

Magnetism is used to help you, relieve you, allow the body to activate the natural healing process that is in us, it has a triggering effect. For that, we will put up our hands at key places, for your body to reacts and triggers a self-healing system. By placing our magnetizer hands on your body, we will transmit an energy fluid that will flow in you, where it needs to be.

Today we still find magnetizers, but it become rare, not that there are less, but many prefer to ignore their gift.

Les points de la main

Magnetism can be used in many situations.

* Tensions

* Pains

* Following a physical or psychological shock

* During heavy processing

* In case of stress or anxiety

* Migraines, headache

* Painful periods

* Depression

* Burn-out

* Burns

* Scarring

* During a cure

* Digestive disorders

* Tiredness

* Stomach burn

* ...

* But never replace the doctor’s opinion

Efficiency will depend on your receptivity. The sensations are very diverse, some will feel stinging, a soft heat or a cold breeze... some others nothing. The reactions of your body will also be very diverse, you can feel a relief directly, or it react only a few weeks later, sometimes a feverish spurt come the same evening, then nothing the day after... Each body is different, everyone reacts his way.