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Stephane your therapist of the path of  Wellness in Hal

All day long, your body is subjected to a lot of stress, all sorts of tensions (due to stress, tiredness, too much pressure coming from your workplace...) and since we are asked to do more and more, it will not get better with time! The current situation is that almost 80% of the population in Europe is suffering from backache, discomfort or chronic pain. Today, if you do not take care of your body, and if it is not already the case, then tomorrow will appear physical or psychic discomforts, lumbago, backache, depressions, burn out, allergies and so on...

I welcome you in a zen space, entirely dedicated to relaxation. Depending on your needs you can opt for a shiatsu, a reiki session, a traditional massage or a chair massage. You can also alternate from one session to another (a shiatsu the first time, then alternate massage, shiatsu, massage ... etc.)


Shiatsu literally means "finger pressure", it's like acupuncture, but instead of needles, we will work with our fingers or the palms of the hands to activate the natural healing process. It will allow you to detach from the world, a feeling of well-being will invade you. You will feel like a break in time. Shiatsu is the best thing today to fight against depression, burn out, tiredness, worry, anxiety, pain, frustration, stress, sleep disturbance, Recurrent headache, backache ... Shiatsu will also help you to relieve the accumulated tension over the time, faster recovering, rebalance your energies...

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy that activates the natural process of healing
The massage allows you to remove these tensions and relax


The massage will bring you deeply relaxation of the muscles. My hands will linger a long time on all these tensions, soothe them, make them disappear, alleviate the effects of stress in everyday life, evacuate tiredness, relieve pain ... I combine both a traditional massage to which I add points from Chinese medicine. This massage will make you feel like heaven and is gently invading you. It is very effective for people with back pain, stiffness in the neck, or shoulder strain...


Reiki will allow you to dissolve energy blockages, to free you from negative or repressed emotions. Reiki will allow you to travel in your heart, to find a better self-image and therefore gain trust . . . It will also calm your fears and anxieties and help you find inner peace. Reiki is also recommended for people suffering from depression or burn out...

The energy of reiki will allow you to find your inner peace

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Client’s Feedback

"Stéphane, vous avez un don merveilleux, une humilité et une force admirable... Le chemin est parfois long.. ;-) mais grâce à vous, j'arrive à gérer."

Feedback client

Diane K.

"Très chouette expérience, je vous invite à découvrir ce moment de détente, Stéphane a un don merveilleux, une humilité, de la simplicité et une force admirable."

Photo client lambda

Maude R.

"Zeer aangename sfeer en professionele massage, Een aanrader."

Photo client lambda

Joris C.


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