Deep Massage

Brussels Hal Buizingen

For a pure moment of relaxation in a soothing and warm setting. Depending on your needs, the massage is performed gently or deeply. The important thing is to overcome your muscle or joint pain.

In all the massages that I give you, there is no "one style" in particular, but there is a mix of Western techniques, sports massage, Swedish, Californian ... and oriental shiatsu , Chinese ...). My massage will mainly depend on your needs or your pains of the moment. The most important thing is that I will be listening to your body, my hands will go where it needs to be (you may be surprised).

During the treatment, the room is heated to a good temperature, but if you are chilly, a plaid will be proposed to you so you can take pleasure of this moment.

The combination of massage oil and essential oils will be offered to you.It will work more effectively on certain painful areas.

Never forget that massage is the best way for you to relax, to lose control, to forget about everything, and to get back in life (I think this very important).

massage relaxant

* The massage will help reduce your stress.

* It will relieve you back pain.

* The massage will allow you to recover muscle elasticity.

* This tones the body.

* The massage allows a better sleep.

* It helps to better against anxiety.

* It relieves the lumbar.

* It softens the skin.

* The massage releases tensions.

* It evacuates tiredness.

* It brings good mood.

* It will free the shoulders pain and remove tension between the 2 shoulder blades

* The massage allows a better toxins elimination

The massage begins with the neck, the shoulders, the arms, then comes the shoulder, the intervertebral muscles, the lumbars, sacrum, the legs ...

It’s a technique that combines both traditional massage (pressure, massage, friction, sway of a limb, mobilization), but also shiatsu techniques (uses of meridian points from Chinese medicine), as well as foot reflexology.

Over the massage you will feel your muscles relax, the tensions that are released, the knots that unravel, the pain that evaporate ...

massage relaxant

I propose you different style of massage


Price : 70 €

Duration : 1 h

Back - Neck - Shoulders


Price : 100 €

Duration : 1 h 30 mn

Back - Neck - Shoulders

Arms - Hands - Legs

Calf - Feet


Price : 70 €

Duration : 1 h

Back - Neck - Shoulders

Legs - calf


Price : 80 €

Duration : 1 h

Back - Neck - Shoulders

Legs - Hands - Arms